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The Princeton Environmental Institute Carbon Mitigation Initiative

The mission of the Carbon Mitigation Initiative (CMI) is to lead the way to a compelling and sustainable solution of the carbon and climate change problem.

The PSHRG web-based Carbon Dioxide Sequestration Simulator

The Sequestration Simulator is a teaching and research tool that models the subsurface response to CO2 injection. This is accomplished by applying semi-analytical and analytical solution for the CO2 plume and the fluid pressure. We have a single-layer model as well as a two-aquifer model that includes leakage along one leaky well. Both use a single injection well. Parameters like formation permeability, porosity, thickness, and injection rate can be assigned by the user.

The Department of Energy Carbon Sequestration Main site

DOE has created a network of seven Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnerships (RCSPs) to help develop the technology, infrastructure, and regulations to implement large-scale CO2 sequestration in different regions and geologic formations within the Nation.

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